The Cube-light tent takes less than a minute to set up and simply entails pulling the expandable tent from its soft case, unfolding it, and attaching  the "backdrop" inside the cube by its Velcro tabs.

It comes with a white backdrop.

You can set up lights on either side of the cube on the top of the cube or under if you install it on a glass table or a photo table.

The cube comes with a nylon panel that attaches to the  front of light tent. The panel has a slit in the centre that allows you to insert the lens of your camera and take pictures. This is very handy if you're shooting something highly reflective and want to surround it 360 degrees. No more reflections on shiny objects!

The front flap also diffuses light being thrown toward the front of your item. For example, it is possible to use the flash on your camera, and shoot through the nylon panel to diffuse the flash so that no "hotspots" of light appear on the item you photograph.

Another option is to put a piece of coloured cardboard or fabric inside the cube, in place of the white nylon sweep. That gives your pictures some variety, in case you get tired of the white background.