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Product Details: Light Bank 1200  -  4 x 55W Osram Tubes Fluorescent Lamp

2 Years Warranty

Fluorescent lights provide solutions for many applications including video, digital and analogue photography, stage, studio, TV, film, and medical imaging. Fluorescent fixtures offer the image-maker many benefits.

Daylight1200 vertical
Daylight1200 horizontal

Daylight1200 with 4 corners

Daylight1200 removable corner

Daylight1200 with diffuser
Daylight1200 handle
Daylight1200 osram tube
Dual Mount
Light Bank 1200
Qty: Price: $399.00

The lamps will be sent with 4 x 5400K Osram tubes unless otherwise required.

Available in 5400K & 3200K Osram tubes    

Output control range: full - 1/2

Equals to 1100W, 550W brightness in incandescent lighting

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Price includes 4 x 55W Osram Tubes
Optional Accessories: Stand & Carry Bag

Fluorescent lighting is an economical way to light large sets while using a fraction of the power required by other lighting systems. The lamps are cool and provide a more comfortable environment for subjects that spend long periods under the lights. Because fluorescents burn much cooler than halogen and HMI, they are also safer to handle during a shoot and are less likely to cause burns if they accidentally come into contact with other objects.

Thanks the the removable "Corner covers" the light will be contained inside the light bank and the maximum amount of brightness will be delivered. Without these "Corner covers" about 10% of the light could be lost through the corner openings, especially when using the diffuser.
High Quality Solid Fixture
5400K Daylight Colour Temperature
Barndoors with highly reflective pearled surface to creates a remarkably even light spread.
4 Removable Corner Covers with highly reflective pearled surface to increase light output
Cloth Diffuser included
Quality Osram Tubes (3000 Lumens each)
Flicker Free
Can be positioned vertically and horizontally - has a rotating bracket on both side
Side handle for easy maneuvering and transportation

2 different settings: 550W, 1100W

Watts (estimated conversion) 220W Fluo (55W x 4) equals to 1100W brightness in incandescent lighting
Total Brightness Output (estimated conversion) 220W x 5 = 1100W
Outputs Selection 2 different settings: 550W, 1100W
Volts 240V 50Hz
Colour Temperature 5400°K or 3200K
Tube Average Life Hours 15,000
Approx. Lumens 12000
Lamp Base Type 2G11
Dimensions including bracket 67cm x 42cm x 5cm


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