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S-0621A    105cm 5 in1 Foldable Round reflector Kit

Ø105cm  (42in)


105cm 5 in1 Foldable Round reflector Kit
Qty: Price: $49.00


Great where additional light is required to be bounced onto a subject.

No need for carrying different colour reflectors.

1 reflector kit gives you white, black, translucent, gold and silver

It folds to a third of its opened size

(34cm folded)

  • The Gold Panel is designed to provide a warm glow, excellent for portrait work, offering gorgeous skin tones.
  • The Silver Panel is designed to provide a high output, reflective and contrasty bounce, increasing the highlights.
  • The White Panel is designed to create a very natural bounced light source, with a bright output.
  • The Black Panel is designed to absorb all light it receives, and not allow any reflection. This panel is ideal for catching ambient light, sunlight, or window light in your shoot, minimizing unattractive hot spots and highlights.
  • The Translucent Panel is designed to diffuse light in a similar fashion to a softbox, ideal for minimizing shadows.

The Benefits of the 5-in-1 Reflector Kit:
• Convenience
With the 5-in-1 Reflector Kit, you get the versatility of five different reflector panels for unique lighting effects, in a simple, combined set, taking up less space in your studio. The fabric panels zip and unzip to quickly change the reflector for various needs.
• Flat, Circular Panels
For smooth, even results, the flat surface gives you control over your light source, with large, circular panels for reflecting, diffusing or absorbing light.


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