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Product Details: Sekonic L-358 Flash Master

Price: $429.00         Shipping: $15.00



User-friendly, affordable meter with advanced features and Optional Wireless Triggering triggering.
  • Exposures accurate down to a tenth-of-a-stop for both ambient and electronic flash light readings (in full-stop mode). Meter can also display shutter-speeds and apertures in half or third-stop increments to mirror the exposure settings on your camera
  • Sekonic RT-32 Radio Transmitter Module installs easily, enabling wireless, Selective Quad Triggering of PocketWizard-enabled electronic flash units up to 100' away
  • Swivel-mounted head (270-degrees) allows for uninterrupted visual contact with LCD screen from any reading angle
  • Incident readings of three-dimensional subjects are taken using the Lumisphere fully extended, and retract the Lumisphere for selective, narrower-field readings for flat-field objects such as artwork. For reflected readings, a Lumigrid (included) replaces the Lumisphere.
  • Dust-proof and splash-proof (JIS Standard Water Resistance Class 4). Weather-sealed against dust storms, nor'easters, and the occasional rogue wave
  • At ISO 100, the EV measurement range is -2 to 22.9.  Aperture ranges from f/1 to f/90.9 with a shutter-speed span of 60-seconds to 1/8000th-of-a-second (1-sec to 1/1000th for flash). For cinema applications frame-rates can be set from 2 to 360 frames-per-second. ISO range can be set from 3 to 8000 in third-stop increments
  • Up to 9 readings can be stored in memory for meter averaging and contrast evaluations in Aperture and Shutter priority modes
  • 1/4-inch tripod socket for mounting meter in subject area
  • Includes Lumigrid (Reflected Light Attachment), Carry Case, Strap, synchro terminal cap, CR123A lithium battery

L-358 Flashmaster Specification

Type Digital Exposure meter for ambient and flash
Light Receiving method Incident and reflected light
Incident Convertible to flat diffuser (lumisphere in down position)
Reflected Lumigrid 54 degrees (standard accessory)
Light Receptors Silicon Photo diodes (incident and reflected)
Ambient Light Aperture priority metering,shutter speed priority metering and EV metering value
Flash With synch cord - Without synch cord - With radio triggering (cumulative, non cumulative)
Radio Technology Complex 16/24 bit digitally coded
Range Up to 100ft from transmitter to receiver
Channels 1 to 16 channels standard, 17 to 32
Compatibility Sekonic and Pocket Wizard Digital Radio Receivers
Film Speeds ISO 3 to ISO 8000 (1/3 steps)
Cine Speeds (f/s) 2,3,4,6,8,12,16,18,24,25,30,32,36,40,48,50,60,64,72,96,120,128,150,200 shutter
F/stop f/1.0 to f/90.9 (full, 1/2 or 1/3 steps)
EV EV (-) 9.9 to EV36.1 (1/10 steps)
Memory function 9 readings on analogue scale (f/stop and shutter speed) with memory recall
Average function Flash and Ambient light evaluation (original value vs new measurement)
Battery Power Indicator With a symbol in 3 status levels
Auto Shut off Shuts down after 20 minutes of non use
Auto illumination EV6 and under for 20 sec




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