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Product Details: SBG series Softboxes

Softbox with grid
Softbox with internal diffuser
Softbox Folded
Universal Speed ring

Carry Bag


SBG4060 Softbox with  Grid 40cm x 60cm
Qty: Price: $139.00


SBG50130 Softbox with  Grid 50cm x 130cm
Qty: Price: $169.00


SBG80120 Softbox with  Grid 80cm x 120cm
Qty: Price: $169.00

         OUT OF STOCK


SBG100100 Softbox with  Grid 100cm x 100cm
Qty: Price: $169.00

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Comes with the speedring of your choice (Bowens S type, Elinchrom or universal)

Comes with a removable internal diffusion panel to cut down the amount of light in situation where less illumination and hot spot are desirable.

Comes with 1 rectangle and a circular mask

The front Velcro trip will allow you to change grids in seconds..

Possibility to rotate the softbox 360°  

The foldable softbox grid is used to control light spill and can be particularly helpful in tight shooting environments. 

The soft light quality of the boxes remains, but the grids allow you to have more directional control over the output by tightening the beam spread to 40º. 

The fabric grids have velcro edging, allowing them to attach to the front outer lip of the exterior black shell of the foldable softbox

Comes with 1 rectangle shaped front cover and a round shaped front cover. They will let you modify your light to each unique subject and lighting situation you encounter

For portraiture where a round catch light eye is desired use the Circular Face Mask. it produces a graceful round reflection.



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